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The International Mountain Biking Association, IMBA has developed a list of biking rules that mountain biking enthusiasts around the world should know.

The rules were developed to reduce the environmental impact as well as to foster and promote good relations between all users of the trail by creating a safe environment for all. By following the rules, mountain bikers are doing their part to promote the growth of the sport.

The way we ride today is shaping mountain bike trails and the access to them in the future. Everyone should do their part to preserve the sports image by observing and following the rules written by the IMBA. The rules are recognized around the world as the standards for which mountain bikers should adhere to. The standard of conduct is written to help IMBA's mission to promote mountain biking that is environmentally sound and socially responsible.

The standard of conduct is as follows:

Follow these rules and share them with your fellow riders. Set the example.

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